More value for your money and better quality with basements Selinsgrove PA

We at Owens Corning are committed to giving our customers a better basement finishing system with high quality and reasonable pricing. Our basement finishings for Selinsgrove area residents have extremely durable walls equipped with dent-resistant technology. Couple that with a lifetime warranty and you are ensured to have better peace of mind. No more worrying about repairs on your basement walls!

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No more damage!

If you have kids at home, you know the kind of stress you go through whenever your kids play indoors. Well, now with our basements in Selinsgrove PA you do not have to worry about that. At Owens Corning, we provide basement finishing systems with highly durable walls. These walls have been equipped with dent resistance technology, which means that no matter how much wear and tear you have; your walls will always remain safe. So, let the kids play indoors and stay rest assured that nothing is going to damage your walls!

Great-looking surfaces!

The surfaces of our basement finishing system in Selinsgrove are pre-finished and have been coated with durable and long-lasting materials to ensure smooth and damage-free surfaces for longer. Thus, no matter how much the kids throw stuff on the walls, you as a parent can continue to hum that tune because you know nothing will effect the beauty and luster of our walls! That is the Owens Corning promise we provide you – nothing less.

Lifetime limited warranty!

Our basements for Selinsgrove PA come along with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, which ensures added peace of mind for all our customers. When you purchase an Owens Corning basement finishing system, you know that you have made an investment and not just a purchase. With the Lifetime Limited Warranty, you can be assured that no matter what happens, you are protected by the Owens Corning promise and reputation!

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